My King County Parcel 0986000036 is defined legally as:
E 200 ft Lot 7 Block 11 Boulevard Park Add. Div. No. 2, Lot 1 of KC Short Plat 1176064 (SW04 T23N R04E WM).

Until 2004, records use both 10835 and 10839 24th Avenue South for that same legal description.

In 1980, the first resident of record on KC Short Plat 1176064 received a deed for 'Land with previously used building'.

King County permit application 1978 December:

'From NW corner W Emerson and Magnolia to 10835 24 Ave S [white house on excavated land near to back entrance to Fort Lawton]'

The northwest corner of Emerson and Magnolia Blvd is: Lot 1 Block A Magnolia Heights (SW15 T25N R03E WM),
a portion of contiguous land purchased in 1923 by Annette and Leon Bocker.
The Magnolia Heights Property Record Card, Sanborn and Kroll all illustrate a single dwelling across Emerson from Fort Lawton.

Records use both 4265 W. Emerson and 3725 Magnolia Blvd for this corner lot.
The City of Seattle issued a building permit for 4265 W. Emerson and that address is used on the Property Record Card.
In 1923 the newspaper reported Annette Bocker to erect 'a beautiful California type of bungalow'.

[Photo of home taken in 1937. City of Seattle.]
The Bockers used 3725 Magnolia Blvd. They were listed there in the Polk directories from 1924 until 1972.
All summer 1972 the property was offered for sale.
It was acquired again in 1974. In 1978 September, the owner of record was cited for a vacant dwelling.

Consider the art deco element above the doorway

and the footprint.

All these data suggest to me the first floor of my dwelling includes the former home of Annette and Leon Bocker.

The pictures above show my home nearing its current site.
The first picture looks north along Roseberg Ave S.
The second picture looks ENE over the Duwamish valley.
[Photos 1978 December or 1979Q1. Photographer unknown. Polaroids in Slusher house photojournal.]

[Photo of home in Boulevard Park taken 1979 June. Camera looking WNW. Art deco element above door. Property Record Card 098600-0036.]

[1990 February. Camera looking west. Art deco element above door. Detail from Slusher, UW Special Collections.]

[1992 April. Camera looking NW. Art deco element above door. Property Record Card 098600-0036.]

[Circa 2007? Camera looking west. Art deco element above door painted red. King County Parcel Viewer 098600-0036.]

[2013 June. Camera looking south. Art deco element visible above door.]

[2016 March. Camera looking west. Art deco element hidden.]

  Annette Ashton Bocker     b.18961226   d.19760128
  Leon M Bocker     b.18930921   d.19810101
  She was born in Massachusetts. By 1915 she was in Kansas. In 1920 she was working as a bacteriologist and living on her own in a rooming house. She worked in clinics and labs until retirement age.
  He was born in Kansas and in 1919 fulfilled dreams of going to China. His papers are at the University of Washington.
  Once in Seattle, the couple opened The Bocker Company and sold fine carpets.
  The Bockers' philanthropic support included Seattle Pacific College, Children's Orthopedic Hospital and the Seattle Foundation, Symphony and Opera. After retirement they lived downtown.

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