Louie 2012 -
Oscar 2004? - 2017
Reebok 1996 - 2013
Harley 1996 - 2012
Mitre 1993 - 2007
Laptop 1991? - 2006
Mei-Ling 1971 - 1988
Baby c1970s

Clowder / cluster or clutter / glaring of cats 1996 - 2006

(M) 2012
Came to live with me around Hallowe'en 2017. Size and personality close to

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(M) 2004? - 2017.
Someone had young Oscar neutered and front-declawed. Somehow he fended for himself.

2005/6: From her office, a friend of Ken's noticed Oscar returning to scavenge a swept homeless encampment. She trapped the cat and took him to Vashon to live for months in a screened gazebo.
In November 2006, the friend brought Oscar to Ken.

Oscar was always Slusher's cat but he wormed his way into my heart. Not a sweet cat but capable of sweet moments.
According to a neighbor, he was a 'good cat'.
Died September 21st.
He is missed!
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Pictures from 2011 illustrate the newly blended family: Oscar, Harley, and Reebok.

The following pictures were when the Laptop, Mitre. Harley, Reebok foursome gave me a "clowder / cluster or clutter / glaring of cats".

Big cats, mainly. After the first of the big cat trees arrived I took pictures of Laptop and Reebok with a tape measure to illustrate proportions for my subsequent trees.

Some older pix of younger cats

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(M) 1996 - 2013.

Harley and Reebok joined the family in 1996 June. Reebok met Harley before I did!
In his younger life, he was a bully to other cats. Always loud and a little dim too.
Ever crossing and re-crossing front paws. Beautiful green eyes.
Born around May First; died March 7th.

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(M) 1996 - 2012.

Pantherific Harley cat. Unmatched cattitude. Black cat with white tie, bra and bikini!
Born mid-April; died December 5th.

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(F) 1993 - 2007.

Sassy Miss Mitre. Born mid-June; died August 8th. She was the youngest kitten I'd been around in a long time. The then-husband said he found her in a parking lot while he was running an errand. The story: the kitten approached him and played with his shoe laces. When he returned from the store, the kitten again pounced on his shoe laces. Seeing no mama cat, he brought her home to me and Laptop. Given the alternative was 'Umbro', she became 'Mitre'.

Mitre had great catitude. She shared affection on her own terms. Not a lap cat by any means. Liked to rub against ankles. Even though altered, she continued to display the writhing and wriggling dance of a queen. Often she'd use props: most commonly plastic grocery bags or my socks. Although Mitre danced with Laptop present, Harley and Reebok were seldom in the room when she danced. Her feminine energy was unmistakable and it was nice having another girl around. She is profoundly missed.

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