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Key project goals:
Usable upper deck.
Usable outdoor stairway to upper deck.
Maintain view from home's picture window.
Preserve and protect art deco element.
Immediate lower entry area must be dry.

More Homeowner Notes:
Cost-conscious. Important to meet code without overbuilding. Salvage and re-use where possible.

Open to economies like eliminating stair risers and re-installing fewer windows. Enclosure may be smaller or sacrificed to contain costs. Trim and finish work is out of scope, separate project.

Expect fewer than 5 cubic yards of construction debris. Current walking surface of upper deck is destined for landfill but all lumber (untreated and treated) and composite material (current steps and railings) to be salvaged for this or unrelated projects.

(Should windows and doors be surplus, anticipate Second Use would haul away.)

Way finding assistance: