Untitled Easel Painting, John Logan Harter 1984   Fishing for Time on a Stream of Consciousness, Harter 1981
Mitre & Hitchhikers on Blue-it [Blewett] Pass, Harter 1993   Gotham Garden (The Caravan Garden), Oronzo Gasparo 1952
Nicole Hollander 2007   Green Painting, Harter 1998
The Poet Watches Rain Strike the Sun Dial, Harter 1983   Mask from Africa
Harley on Lapchi   Ancient Rites I (48/1500), Christina Nichols 1990s
alternate view carving from Kenya   Reebok and carving from Kenya
untitled(?) watercolor (by ?Solar?) (Madrid artist, 1950s)   Screen from China
Surely You Jest, Harter 1991   Self Portrait, Harter 2005
Messing Up the Sky with Stars, Messing Up the Sky with Clouds, Harter 1998   Messing Up the Sky with Clouds, Messing Up the Sky with Stars, Harter 1998
Harter 2002-2005   Harter 1996
Surrealist Metamorphosis, Harter 1983   Harter 1984 (4/40 litho of this painting)
Harter 1970s   Question Reflection, Harter 1986
Question Shadow, Harter 1986   Question Illumination, Harter 1986
Harter 1998   Harter 1998
Harter circa 2002   Ad Infinitum, Harter 1989
Harter 1993   Harter late 1970s, early 1980s
Harter 2002-2004   Brick House Memoir, Harter 2007
Harter 1983 (pre-cleaning!)   More about:
  John Logan Harter 1940-2008.
"P. Ferrari" 1998   Price tag still on. Fabric. Silk?

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Additional Photo Credits Include: Ken Slusher, Carolyn Wheeler, and John L. Harter.
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